Real Estate

Agence Immeck

Interior Photography

While capturing interior photos we take care of finding the right angle to show the true dimensions while making the most out of it. For us it is also important to show the outside through windows.

Exterior Photography

Most interior photos are taken during daytime while Exterior photos may vary. Sometimes a property can pop more during the blue hour in the evening.

Virtual Tour

If a property is something really special, very big, or in any other way stands out from the rest, we also offer virtual tours. These tours  offer possible buyers to take their time and walk through the house without any stress. Because our tours are in a very high resolution, capturing every detail is possible.

Aerial Photography

With our professional drone aerial photos as well as video clips from a property are possible. With these possible buyers get a clearer picture of the whole property. Also every flight is also covered by an authorisation.


Sometimes a small walkthrough video can show more of a property. Combing this with drone captures results in a complete package for our client.

Image Gallery

We created a little gallery below to show some our favourite locations we work by now. Take your time and enjoy.