Buchler Bridge


Buchler Bridge

The Project

As part of the Pont Buchler’s renovation, we were hired by Costantini and Xardel Demolition to create a photo and video documentary of the demolition of the old bridge.

Phase I - Pavement

It all began with cutting the roadway. To better illustrate this work step, we applied for a special permit from the aviation authority to take aerial photos at night.

These recordings reflect the workload very well because you can partly see the track below through the roadway.

It took the workers a while to get through the thick concrete with their heavy machinery, but they eventually managed to cut the road into multiple pieces which could be lifted.

Once a piece got separated from the road, it was lifted with a mobile crane and loaded onto a truck which transported every panel to a separate location.

From here, the panels got crushed and divided into its elements.

Phase II - The structure

Once this work was completed, it was time to separate and lift the huge bridge girders. It was only then that we noticed how harsh the weather conditions were for the workers.

Not only did this step take place at night, but it was freezing with a strong wind combined with heavy rains.

Despite these conditions, the work had to go ahead to stay on schedule.

Phase III - Bridge Pillars

In the last step, the bridge pillars were torn down. To keep the roads clear during the day, this had to be done at night.